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Bird Feeders, Food & Care

From traditional wooden bird tables to suet and seed feeders, we have the best range of bird feeders, food and bird care to attract wild birds to your garden. The more feeding stations and food varieties you have on offer, the more birds you'll attract to your garden! Shop bird feeders now.

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Top Bird Feeder Tips

Where is the best place to put a bird feeder?

Birds need to feel safe from predators and away from open, noisy areas with people walking past. Feeders should be hung at eye level or a little higher, and out of the reach of jumping squirrels. Also avoid placing your feeder in a cat ambush area - these include fences, trees and bushes in which cats can hide. Some birds prefer to feed on the ground and feeders are also available for these species.

How Do I Attract Wildlife To My Garden?

Looking to attract even more wildlife to your garden? Take a look at our Wildlife range for bird nesters, plus homes for hedgehogs, hives for bees, hotels for insects and many more species.