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Magnolia Plant

Magnolia trees and plants are an icon of spring and summer, with their amazing goblet- or star-shaped shaped flowers. Magnolias are suitable for your bed and borders and can even be grown in containers - evergreen varieties are good for wall-training. Shop our wide range of magnolias and other shrubs today.

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Magnolia plants – more info

Magnolia plants are one of the most beautiful flowering shrubs and trees with blooms that range from white through pale pink to purple. While they are fully hardy, the flowers on early varieties can be damaged by frost. Plant them in a sheltered spot and cover with horticultural fleece to protect the blooms. Choose a later flowering variety if you live in a cold part of the country.

Which magnolia is best for growing in pots?

If you want to grow magnolia in a pot, choose one of the compact varieties such as Magnolia stellata. Other varieties that are suitable are ‘Susan’, ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Fairy Cream’.

Which magnolia plant is best for smaller gardens?

Magnolia stellata, or the star magnolia, is one of the best for a small garden as it has a very compact growing habit.

When do magnolias bloom?

Depending on the variety, magnolias will flower from early spring to late summer.