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Plum Trees

Choose the perfect plum tree for your garden from the wide range of traditional favourites and new varieties here at Suttons. Whether you’re after a heavy-cropping heirloom variety like ‘Victoria Plum’ or a new cultivar bred for larger fruits, we’ve got you covered. Grown on the semi-dwarfing ‘St Julien A’ rootstock, our plums mature into medium-sized fruit trees that look beautiful when smothered in blossom. If you’ve got a soft spot for stone fruits, why not try growing exotic peach and apricot trees as well?

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Growing plum trees

Plum trees are easy to grow and produce a reliable harvest, although you might need to guard the fruit from the birds. You can buy full-sized plum trees or choose a dwarf variety to grow in a container on a sunny patio. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions to help you grow a bumper crop.

When to plant plum trees in the UK

Plum trees are sold either as bare roots or as potted plants. Bare root plum trees should be planted between November and March in the UK, while they’re still dormant. Those bought in containers can be planted all year round, but they will require more care and water if planted through the hottest summer months. For more advice, read our plum tree growing guide.

When to prune Victoria plum trees in the UK

Like all plum trees, you should prune your Victoria plum in the early summer to reduce the risk of silver leaf infection. For the best protection against disease, paint your pruning cuts with a sealing compound.

How to prune plum trees

If your plum tree is very overgrown, don’t be tempted to prune it back hard. Instead, prune it over a series of years. There are three main ways to prune and train a new plum tree:

If you’re looking for more practical tips, check out our Growing Guides for a wealth of information and advice.