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Marigold Seeds

Marigold seeds provide a great value way to grow these traditional bedding plants. Marigolds are often used as a ‘carpet’ ground covering in large seasonal displays. These days they're used in a variety of settings including on the allotment as a companion plant and a popular container plant. Also great for cut flowers. Grow your marigolds from flower seed and get maximum satisfaction from your garden!

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Why Grow Marigold Flower Seed?

Another non-stop flowering plant for the summer season. Once planted in their final position, multiple flowers will cover Marigold’s crown all the way until the turn of the season. Suttons have lots of exciting marigold varieties and the choice of this genus is fantastic.

Try the amazing ‘Space Hopper’ with its large pom-pom bright orange flowers. Then there is ‘Fantasia mixed’ with striking reds and yellow bicoloured single flowers. ‘Queen Sophia’ is beautiful shades of orange and yellow. 

Marigold seeds come in two main varieties; French and African marigolds. Both produce bright, vibrant and eye-catching flowers consisting of yellows oranges and reds.

Growing Marigold From Seed

The French marigold seeds are easy to grow and weather tolerant. They need to be sown during February and March under glass in gentle heat. Alternatively, the seeds can be sown directly outdoors during April and May to flower between June and September. 

The African marigold seeds need to be sown between February and April, again under glass in gentle heat. They will flower from June to September.

The Marigold is termed a half-hardy annual, expressed by HHA written on the corner of the packet. It means it is a tender plant that needs to be protected from the cold. 

How to germinate marigold seeds?

How long to germinate marigold seeds?

Both varieties of marigolds should germinate within 5 to 14 days. The seedlings need to be transplanted into trays 5cm apart to grow on in good light. Marigold plants need to be acclimatised to outside condition before planting out (when all danger of frost has passed) at 15 to 20cm apart, in an open sunny position.

Marigolds are a useful plant as well as extremely colourful. Gardeners use them as a deterrent due to their pungent smell which helps deter pests on the allotment. Think about designing bedding displays with your , try using taller plants like Canna which will rise out of a carpet of Marigolds, this can also be done in a container.

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