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Fig Trees

Fig trees are hardy, and add a bit of Mediterranean flavour to your garden. These sensational fruit trees can be trained against a sunny, south-facing wall or grown in large patio containers. Producing a good crop of sweet and delicious fruits, their large, vibrant green leaves are also edible. Add a few fragrant citrus trees to expand on the exotic theme.

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Fig trees – more info

Fig trees add a touch of the exotic to your garden and produce tasty fruits too. They crop best when the roots are restricted, making them ideal for containers – which is also the perfect solution for colder gardens, as pots can be moved indoors to protect from winter frost. Trees planted into borders can be covered with horticultural fleece to protect young fruit, known as fruitlets.

When and how should I prune my fig tree?

Fig trees are best grown in a fan shape against a sunny wall. Prune them in spring and again in early summer to keep them in shape and encourage more fruit. It’s also possible to grow them as small bushes or as a mophead standard. Again, prune twice a year.

Which fig trees are best for the UK climate?

‘Brown Turkey’ is one of the best varieties for growing in the UK and has an RHS Award of Garden Merit. ‘Brunswick’ is another hardy variety that is suited to the UK climate.

Do fig trees self-pollinate?

Figs are self-fertile so you need plant only one tree to get a crop.