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Carrot Seeds

It's easy to grow carrots from seed. Although incredibly versatile in the kitchen, they're one of the few veggies that can be eaten immediately after being pulled from the ground. It has an ancient history, originating from Egypt but bred by into many varieties by the Dutch. Grow a huge range of veg from seed with the extensive range from Suttons.

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Growing Carrot seeds

Suttons offer a myriad of Carrot varieties for all types of settings. No garden? no problem as container varieties such as ‘Nantes’ a fast-growing variety. Many types of Carrots will also grow in raised beds, try the tasty carrot ‘Rainbow Mix’ or for something a little bit different go for the original colour of the humble Carrot ‘Purple Sun’ a purple carrot seed.

Can I plant carrot seeds in a pot?

Carrots are easy to grow and Suttons offer several carrot varieties which will happily grow in pots or containers with the early ‘Nantes’ being among the easiest to grow.

When to sow carrot seeds

HowHow long do carrots take to germinate?

Carrots usually germinate in one to three weeks. It’s important to keep them well-watered (but not over-watered) during this time, and to never let them completely dry out.

How to grow carrot plants from seed

Top carrot tips