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Carrot Seeds

Carrot seeds are a great way to grow a kitchen garden favourite. Tasty and versatile, there’s no need to limit yourself to just orange either. We have yellow, cream, purple and even red carrot varieties. For a bumper harvest be sure to read these carrot growing tips from experts.

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Carrot seed questions and answers

Our carrot seeds range offer varieties that will have you harvesting for weeks. If your soil is heavy, try a short variety such as ‘Rondo’ or ‘Burpees Short N Sweet’. They’re also ideal for growing in containers. Complement your carrots with a variety of vegetable seeds from the Suttons seeds range.

How to sow carrot seeds

Prepare the ground by removing weeds and stones and raking to a fine tilth. Mark out rows 1cm deep and 15cm apart and water well. Sow the seed finely and cover.

How to grow carrot seeds

Thin seedlings out if they are overcrowded. Remove weeds regularly and water in dry spells. To combat carrot root fly, erect a barrier around the crop that’s around 60cm high or cover with fleece. Alternatively, grow a variety with resistance, such as ‘Resistafly’.

How long do carrots take to germinate?

Carrots usually germinate in 10 to 20 days.