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Bedding Plants

Bedding plants offer a decorative display for flower borders, hanging baskets, beds and more! The best thing about bedding plants is the colour they bring to your garden displays. From deep blue lobelia plants to summery cosmos plants, there’s something for every season and every style.

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What are Bedding Plants?

Bedding plants refer to the plants that are suitable for use in flower beds or raised beds. However, some of these plants can also be grown in containers for patios and balcony gardens. Bedding plants are temporary and decorative, often changing with the season due to their individual requirements. It is for this reason that we group bedding plants together by season, allowing you to pair together plants that have a similar lifespan.

How to Care for Bedding Plants

Bedding plants are usually planted out in April to June for summer bedding plants and either later in the year or early in spring for autumn/winter bedding plants. If ordering plug plants, they may need to be grown on in a well lit, warm location before hardening off and planting out, whereas garden-ready plants can be planted straight into beds. Care will depend on the species of plant, but the most important aspects to pay attention to are: watering, deadheading and feeding. Cover all of these elements and you’ll have a thriving display!

Bedding Themes

Selecting the right bedding plants for your garden is exciting, but with a vast range of varieties to choose from, it can also be daunting. We’ve made it really easy for you to select the perfect partner by creating our bedding plant themes. You’ll find plants to fit colour schemes, plants for every season and even an A-Z guide on bedding plants.

Popular Bedding Varieties

We offer bedding plants for shade or sunnier spots, all in a variation of sized plug plants and an array of potted plants to complement your space. These plants have been selected for their popularity, from the demand for the most colourful blooms of the Victorian era to the picture perfect gardens of today. Within our amazing bedding ranges below, we include gardeners’ all-time favourites like Geraniums and Begonias, to exciting new varieties!

6 Plant Sizes to Choose From!

Unsure which plug plant size you need for your flower bed or hanging basket? From extra value to super plugs, our handy guide will help you find out which plug plant is best for your needs to make sure you get the most out of your plants. It also gives you hints & tips on growing the various sized plants. Take a look at our guide below!