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Garden Ready Plants

Garden-ready plug plants are a quick and easy way to give your flower beds and baskets a boost. We sow and raise our own plants until they're ready for you as 9cm plant plugs. Our extensive range of plug plants offers variety and value for money. From traditional summer bedding plants like pansies and petunias, to hardy winter bedding, we're sure you'll find the garden-ready plants you're looking for right here.

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Suttons plug plants

Suttons plug plants are a convenient, hassle-free way to quickly establish your hanging baskets, pots, containers, and borders. To ensure your plants get off to the best start, plant them into their final positions as soon as you can after they arrive in the post.

What should I do when my garden ready plug plants arrive?

As soon as you receive your plug plants, remove them from their packaging and check that the compost is moist. If it’s dry, water carefully using a small watering can, and allow it to drain before standing the plants upright in a warm place.

Can I plant my plugs straight into the ground?

All our garden ready plug plants have been grown under ideal conditions and inspected by one of our experts prior to packaging, to make sure they’re ready to plant out as soon as you receive them. Having said that, if conditions are particularly wet, cold, or if there's frost, you should wait until it has passed before planting your plants into their final positions in the garden.

What if I can’t plant straight away?

Provided you keep the compost moist, your plants will last up to three days without being planted, but to achieve best results, try to get them into the soil as soon as you can.

We offer five options for growing bedding plants from plugs, beginning with 5cm tall seedlings, all the way up to 12cm jumbo plugs and potted plants up to 20cm. For more information, head over to our Handy Guide to Plant Size with Simple Growing Instructions. If you're still unsure about buying plug plants, read our Why Buy Plug Plants guide.