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Vegetable Planting Tools

Growing your own vegetables is very rewarding and having the right tools can make tasks easier. From back-saving spades to harvesting scoops, garden and hand forks, trowels to tillers - get the right kit to grow your own veg with our selection of the best vegetable planting tools.

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You don’t need a big garden to start growing your own vegetables - any space will do as long as it’s a sunny open spot and you will only need a few essential vegetable planting tools to get started. 

Growing your own vegetables is very rewarding and the right vegetable planting tools can make tasks quicker and easier. From spades, rakes and garden forks, to trowels, hoes and harvesting scoops, choose the right tools for the right job.

You can create a dedicated vegetable patch or grow within a mixed bed, grow in pots on the patio, in a window box and even your kitchen windowsill. If you are short of space, tumbling tomatoes can be grown in hanging baskets, runner beans grown-up ‘wigwams’ of bamboo canes in pots and even pumpkins and aubergines can now be grown in containers!

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