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Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are the ideal way to raise your display to another level. From foliage arrangements for shady corners to colourful summer displays, we can help you get the most out of your displays. Have a look at our hanging basket plants for inspiration.

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Hanging baskets – more info

You can find advice in our guide on how to choose a hanging basket and expert tips on everything from where to hang them to what to plant in our hanging basket expert tips article.

Can you grow fruit in a hanging basket?

Yes! The best fruit to grow in a hanging basket is strawberries. Plant around the edge, and the fruit will hang over the sides, making it easy to harvest.

Where should I put my hanging baskets?

Positioning your hanging basket depends on how you plant it up. A basket for a shady area could contain ivy, small hostas and ferns. Sunny sites are perfect for trailing petunias, lobelia and pelargoniums.

What compost should I put in a hanging basket?

A peat-free multi-purpose compost is suitable for a seasonal display. If you are planting up a hanging basket for a longer show, adding some loam-based compost will help, but it will make the basket heavier, so ensure the bracket is secure.