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Broccoli Seeds

One of nature’s superfoods, broccoli is full of important vitamins and nutrients like iron and potassium. Freshly picked florets are perfect for stir-fries, salads and the family Sunday dinner. One of our best-selling vegetable seeds, purple sprouting broccoli is a versatile cut-and come again crop. What are you waiting for? Homegrown varieties taste so much better than anything you can buy from a shop.

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What makes Broccoli seeds special?

Broccoli is part of the cabbage family, it’s a large plant in vegetable terms. The different varieties have stunning form and colourful, edible foliage. Once you have your broccoli seeds up and running a long harvest is guaranteed. A great edible for winter, keeping soil occupied and active and tastes incredible fresh off the plant. Suttons have all types of Broccoli varieties, from all year round purple sprouting, continuity mixes and seeds such as ‘Rudolph’ which is ideal for Freezing. Why not try some exotic Broccoli such as Chinese ‘Wok Broccoli’. For maximum nutrients steam cook Broccoli.

Growing Broccoli from seed

A must plant for the veggie grower giving a long harvest, great for winter. Water broccoli plants deeply in the early morning so both the soil and plant soak the water up. If they are growing on a windy site, staking and support will help these plants.

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