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Mushrooms & Truffles

Grow your own mushrooms with our very popular Mushroom Windowsill Kits and Mushroom Spawn Plugs. It’s very easy with our windowsill kits, which can start to produce crops in just a few weeks.

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They will amaze you at how easy they are to grow! You can choose from our great range of mushroom varieties and they can be ready to harvest the first crop of fabulous fungi in as little as a few weeks.

Mushrooms spawn plugs simply need a little more preparation and time. Cropping commences after 4-10 months, continuing to crop 3-5 times a year for 3-5 years. Find out how to grow mushrooms from spawn with our handy growing guide.

Not only are mushrooms very tasty and come in a variety of shapes and sizes some are very pretty in their own right, the yellow Oyster mushroom is a dainty almost upside-down umbrella shape. The unusual to stunning Lions Mane mushroom, (Lion Mane comes from the jellyfish, not the big cat) has a beautiful cascade of strands that hang from it, the mushroom is commonly known as Lion’s Mane Mushroom but also know as Hericium Erinaceus, Yamabushitake.

Both the grow your own mushrooms kits and spawn kits come with full growing instructions.

There are plenty of mushroom varieties on offer to excite your tastebuds, such as the smoky Shiitake, delicate-flavoured Oyster and even the cascading Lion's Mane Mushrooms. 

Don’t forget those who would already saviour a truffle, the "underground mushroom". Truffles are so highly prized by top chefs, so why not grow your own truffle tree.

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