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Lettuce & Leaf Seeds

A popular vegetable seed that can be sown all year round, lettuce is easy to grow indoors and out. Avoid vacuum-packed store-bought varieties by growing your own heads of lettuce or colourful cut-and-come again leaf mixes. Grow in the ground, raised beds, window boxes, containers or even hanging baskets! Regular repeat sowings will provide you with a healthy supply of fresh salad leaves on tap.

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Why Grow Lettuce From Seed?

Suttons offer many types of Lettuce for all occasions, quick and simple to grow. Sow rows of Lettuce every two weeks through the spring until July. Come September start sowing winter lettuce seeds. This will give a constant supply of Lettuce pretty much through-out the year. Quick growing ‘Red salad bowl’ to crispy ’Red Iceberg’ to ‘All year round’ for a continual supply. 

Where To Grow Lettuce?

Lettuce plants take up little space, can be grown on the edge of borders or even in a window box. It’s a quick and easy crop.

How To Grow Lettuce From Seed?

Slugs and Snails will like the soft foliage of Lettuce, so if the problem is bad try using organic slug pellets. However, use those as a last resort and use moderately if necessary. Traps and barriers can be used as an on-going solution. In dry periods pick off any mildewed leaves.

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