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Chilli & Pepper Seeds

Two essentials for the edible plant grower, perfect for small spaces, balconies or even the kitchen window. Not only do these plants prove excellent kitchen ingredients as a perfect complement to the other vegetables they are also beautiful plants for any garden setting. Superb foliage accompanied with brightly coloured fruits.

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Growing Chilli and Pepper Seeds

Chillies are a valuable ingredient for many types of meal. Peppers are the king of the raw vegetables! Suttons offer an amazing variety of chilli and pepper seeds.

Suttons have plenty of hot varieties to try. The super hot chilli ‘Fiery furnace’, or for a chilli that is fruity and aromatic for salads try the pepper chilli seeds ‘Pearls’. What about delicious jalapeno for adding a kick to pizzas?

When it comes to sweeter peppers try ‘Corno di toro rosso’ which is sweet & perfect for salads Container gardeners can give ‘Mohawk’ a go.

When to sow chillis & peppers

Sow seeds in seed trays, pots, propagators or glasshouse in decent organic compost between February and April.

How to sow chilli and pepper seeds

How to grow chilli & peppers from seed