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Chilli & Pepper Seeds

Buy a wide variety of chilli seeds and sweet pepper seeds here at Suttons. Two essentials for the edible plant grower, they're perfect for small spaces, balconies or even the kitchen window. Hot chilli peppers add exciting spice to exotic dishes, whilst sweet peppers make a healthy addition to salads, Mediterranean meals and more. Sweet pepper and chilli plants offer superb foliage accompanied by brightly coloured fruits.

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Tips for growing Chilli Seeds and Sweet Pepper Seeds

Growing chilli and pepper seeds will help you add colour and flavour to your food. Peppers are packed with vitamins and antioxidants, and make attractive plants with brightly coloured fruits that will grow in a greenhouse or sunny patio.

Got a glut? Both chilli and sweet peppers can be frozen, and hot chillies can be dried or turned into jams and sauces. We’ve got lots of expert chilli pepper growing advice and more tips below.

When to sow chilli and pepper seeds

Sow chilli and pepper seeds in January or early February to give plants time to mature and fruit.

How to grow pepper and chilli seeds

Sow onto damp seed or multi-purpose compost in a seed tray or small pot. Place in a heated propagator or cover with a plastic bag and put in a warm place.

Prick out seedlings once they have two pairs of true leaves. Grow them on in individual pots in a warm place, turning regularly to get even growth.

Plant out in containers, a greenhouse or vegetable beds when the danger of frost has passed. Check the variety as some perform better under glass.

Do not allow your plants to dry out and feed regularly with a liquid feed such as seaweed extract and switch to a tomato feed once fruit starts to form. Pinching out will encourage growth.

Pick fruits as soon as they are ready as this will encourage more to form.

Popular chillies and sweet peppers

For a chilli plant that looks as good as it tastes, try ‘Prairie Fire’, which has fruits that ripen from cream through yellow, orange and purple to red. The ‘F1 Redskin’ is a dwarf sweet pepper plant variety that’s ideal for containers and produces green fruit that turns to red. ‘Sweetonia Mix’ produces fruit with a sweet yet spicy flavour, ideal for salads or stir fries.

For more information read our how to grow chillies guide.