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Courgette Seeds

Use our courgette seeds to grow a taste of the Mediterranean this summer. We’ve got traditional green varieties, sunny yellows, and even round courgettes. Easy to grow, prolific and versatile in the kitchen, they are the perfect summer crop.

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Courgette seed advice

Courgette seeds are the easy way to a plentiful harvest of this summer favourite. Ideal for beginners or children, they will fruit for weeks once established.

‘Sure Thing’ is a compact variety for small spaces or containers, ‘Goldmine’ is reliable even in a poor summer, and ‘Summer Holidays’ has striped round fruits with firm flesh.

Want just one plant or short on time? Try one of our courgette plants for an easy solution. Find answers to popular courgette questions below, or read our expert tips on growing courgettes for more info.

When to sow courgette seeds

Courgettes are not hardy so sow seeds under cover from mid-April.

How to grow courgette seeds

Plant a couple of courgette seeds to a pot or individually in module trays, putting the seeds on their sides to reduce the risk of rot. Put in a heated propagator or cover with a plastic bag and leave in a warm place.

Pot on when the plants have two true leaves, planting one plant to a pot in multi-purpose compost and planting them deep to encourage a good root system.

Harden off before planting out after the last frost. Choose a sunny spot and make sure the ground has been well prepared with organic matter. Keep well-watered throughout the season, removing any leaves that get mildew. Pick before courgettes become marrows.

How long does it take for courgette seeds to germinate?

Courgette seeds take between seven and 10 days to germinate.