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Kiwi Plants

Kiwi plants are easy-to-grow climbers that produce a good crop in the UK. Plant your kiwi vine in a sunny spot and allow it to scramble up a trellis, arch or pergola. Highly attractive, the red-tipped early foliage of this tropical-looking soft fruit plant is soon covered by pretty clusters of small white flowers followed by a flush of deliciously sweet fruits. If you’re looking for ornamental edibles to cover walls and fences, why not try grape vines or train your favourite fruit trees into fans or espaliers?

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Grow your own kiwi plants

Kiwi plants add an exotic feel to a south-facing wall or pergola with attractive leaves and pretty flowers. If you are planting only one kiwi, you will need a self-fertile variety to get fruit. Prune with secateurs twice a year to restrict growth and encourage fruiting.

When do kiwi plants flower?

Kiwis produce scented creamy white flowers in early summer.

Can I plant kiwi plants in a pot?

Kiwi plants are very vigorous and so not suitable for growing in a pot.

Are kiwi plants hardy?

There are kiwi plants that are hardy but all need a sheltered, sunny spot to produce the best results.