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Verbena Plants

Verbena plants have become increasingly fashionable in recent years, their purple blooms wafting so elegantly through herbaceous borders and used frequently by top garden designers. Botanically critically acclaimed, the Verbena flower is a summer stunner not to be missed.

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Garden Verbenas are mainly native to the Americas and Asia. The exception to this being Verbena officinalis - the common vervain native to Europe.

They have a medicinal and magical history, and they certainly add mystic to your borders.

The star of the Verbena show is undoubtedly Verbena bonariensis. It is in every respectable garden and at every horticultural show. Its popularity is due in part to its suitability to the rising prairie garden planting style which has become popular since the 1990s following the teachings of Piet Oudolf.

It has style, it has elegance and can reach up to 6ft. However due to its ethereal quality, this does not have to be placed at the back of the border as is the norm with tall plants, this is a plant to ribbon through planting schemes as you look through and beyond its delicate blossoms. This is a team player, wishing to merge in and work with its neighbours. A perfect partner for ornamental grasses or other airy plants such as Cosmos

With its tall rigid stems, it does not need staking and will also self-seed freely. Bees and butterflies love this plant and will thank you for its appearance. Happiest in a sunny free draining spot, if sheltered and protected from harsh winters it should return year after year. Do not cut back after flowering (wait until the new year) as the seed heads and stems add architectural value through winter, in addition to providing valuable food for birds.

For a shorter version of the above, Verbena ‘Lollipop’ reaches about 60cm and like its famous relative is drought tolerant and sun loving, sharing masses of purple blossoms all summer. For pots and baskets try the Candycane or Trailing Mix of verbenas for annual colour.

How big do Verbena grow?

Depending on the variety anything from 60cm to 6 feet in height

Where to grow Verbena Plants?

How to grow Verbena plants?

Sharing the name in part is lemon Verbena, a tender perennial well-loved for its medicinal and culinary uses. It is the leaves rather than the flowers here which are celebrated for their most delicious citrus scent.

Whichever Verbena you pick, you'll be at the height of fashion. 

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