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Perennial Border Plants

Perennial border plants will give you years of colour and interest in your garden. Perennial plants flower for two years or more, and there is a range of varieties to choose from. When choosing perennials, bear in mind flowering times and position 

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Border Plants Guide - How to plant a perennial plant border

There are many factors which can determine the perennial plants that are best suited for your garden, including position, soil type and flowering times (view our user-friendly Perennial Plants Flowering Times Guide chart which displays popular perennials in a month by month calendar view). However, you may also want to choose your perennials based on their position within the border.

Perennial plants for front of the border

Small perennial plants for borders are up to 30cm in height. This allows these plants to make an impact without taking away from the plants in the middle and back of the border. Perennial front of border plants can soften border edges with flowers that spill out onto garden paths or lawns. They can also be used to hide the stems of the plants growing behind them, creating a sea of flowers in your borders.

Perennial plants for middle of the border 

The middle of the border is the best location for statement-making plants. As these plants are surrounded to their front and back, they need to stand out from the crowd with tall stems, large and brightly coloured flowers, or clump-forming habits. 

Perennial Plants for back of the border 

The back of the border is where tall plants make their impact. Think Lobelia, Lupins and Delphiniums; plants that have plenty of height, with character to match. These plants draw the eye upwards, after admiring the rest of the border, and can be used to add colour and interest in front of fences and walls.

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