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Cucumber Plants

Buy cucumber plants for the fresh taste of just-picked crunchy cucumbers. Grafted cucumber plants crop up to 75% more, thanks to the best varieties being matched with the most vigorous rootstocks. Looking for mini cucumbers? Choose from a wide variety of miniature cucumber plants, for a plentiful supply of snack-sized cues. Complement your cucumbers with other salad plants or, for more grow-your-own inspiration, browse our complete vegetable plants collection.

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Growing Cucumber Plants

On a hot summer day, there’s nothing like the cool crunch of a homegrown cucumber! They can be grown in a variety of ways, from indoor pots to outdoors in the ground, and enjoyed in salads, infused in water or pickled and kept in jars to enjoy.

Top cucumber plant care facts

Where To Grow Cucumber Plants

Indoor varieties of cucumber plants need to be grown under glass. Outdoor varieties need a warm, sunny spot with protection from cold winds.

How To Grow Cucumber Plants

Cucumber plug plants grow well in growing bags, pots or directly in the soil. Train them up a vertical cane or trellis, and with indoor plants, pinch out the tips when they reach the roof. Pinch out side shoot tips as this will encourage more to develop.

Cucumber plants produce fruits with a high water content - therefore, they’re thirsty plants. Water regularly and feed once a week when the first fruits start to swell. With indoor cucumber plants, keep the humidity high by spraying the floor with water.

Your plant will probably produce male and female flowers. The female flowers will have a mini-cucumber behind them, ready to develop, but the males will not, and should be removed to prevent pollination, and as a result, seedy, bitter fruit.

Every couple of weeks, give your cucumbers some high-nitrogen feed.

When To Harvest Cucumber Plants

Harvest regularly from early August onwards as this will encourage the plant to continue cropping. When the fruits are 15-20cm long, cut them from the stem using a sharp knife. Cropping will continue until the end of August. Harvest early in the day, in the cool of the morning. Feel free to just harvest half a cucumber at a time - the plant will harden off the end of the fruit that’s left, and it’ll keep perfectly well on the plant.

How to eat cucumbers

Crisp, raw cucumber is delicious when added to a salad or served as a crudité with a dip. Cucumber sandwiches paint a very English garden picture with hollowed-out cucumber chunks filled with cream cheese or similar,r making a tasty nibble. Alternatively, you could pickle smaller varieties of cucumbers in a jar to create your own gherkins for burgers, sandwich fillings and more.

Cucumber plant nutritional information

Not only are cucumbers fresh-tasting with a lovely, crunchy texture, they’re also low in calorie and very hydrating. Cucumbers are high in antioxidants and will contribute to your daily recommended intake of potassium, fibre and vitamin C.

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