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Primrose Plants

Nothing says spring like the primrose. Through breeding over the years, our native yellow petalled beauty has given way to a menagerie of different colours and patterns, to bring an even brighter delicate yet determined welcome to a new year.

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Primula vulgaris is where it all starts - our native primrose often seen alongside hedges, full of cheer and hope. An excellent choice for naturalising in dappled shade and woodland, these plants offer sophisticated simplicity.

However, there are a whole host of other related options to enliven borders or pots at a time of year when most needed!

Primrose translates as the 'first rose' (prima rosa), as its little rose shape flowers really are one of the first floral sights to greet a gardener.

Much breeding took place in the late 19th and early 20th century and continues to this day bringing us new colours and markings. One of the most outstanding recent introductions is the blue evening primrose plant 'Zebra Blue' with remarkable bright blue blossoms, striped with white and a yellow eye. Flowering from March until June, they look stunning in pots or borders. 

Another new kid on the botanical block is primula 'Scented Sunbursts'. These rosebud type double flowers are orange with a yellow edge, in bloom early from January until May. The amazing scent is released from oils in the petals – this really is one for pots by your front door.

They can look good in a large block of single colours, try 'Ringo Star Orange Red' for a chart topping border or basket. Alternatively, if you like a bit more variety, our 'F1 Select Mix' offers a primrose party to be proud of!

Pastels are also well represented, the 'Provence Mix' from Suttons is sweetly subtle or the rosebud type 'Amore' is as lovely as it sounds!

Plant with other spring flowering beauties such as daffodils or grape hyacinths to enhance displays.

Add a little primrose perfection to your patch!

When To Plant Primroses?

For autumn primroses in bedding, you need to plant your primrose plug plants out from mid-September to early October. You could grow your plants on indoors once they reach 8cm-10cm. 

How To Plant Primrose

Primroses on the whole prefer partial shade and will thank you for moist but well-draining soil. Plant your primrose plants about 4in - 6in deep and about 6in-12in apart from each other.

In a well-drained yet moist soil primroses will flower year on year and will readily self-seed and naturalise.

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