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Cut Flowers

Growing your own cut flowers in your garden gives you the opportunity to choose exactly what you want in a bouquet, meaning that you’re not limited to uninspiring and often expensive flowers found in supermarkets, and you’re reducing your carbon footprint.

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For the chance to get creative in both the garden and the home, try growing your own plants to use as fresh cut flowers. There are many choices available that you may not have even thought of - many people are used to seeing the same flower choices on supermarket shelves, which don’t inspire much creativity!

The UK imports millions of tonnes of flowers each year, increasing the carbon footprints of supermarket-bought flowers through daily air freights from growers across the world. 

By growing your own plants for cut flowers, you can save money while having peace of mind that you’re benefiting the environment both on a global scale and a local one too, as many of these plants are wildlife attracting plants

Enjoy a visit to your flower beds, borders and containers by pollinating insects such as bees and butterflies, who will use your plants as sources of nectar and in turn pollinate other plants and maintain a thriving local population.

Having trouble deciding which plants to grow as cut flowers? Our comprehensive cut flower wall chart guide gives you plenty of information on many cut flower varieties and breaks down the differences between flower types.

Popular cut flowers to grow

Ranunculus - These buxom, robust bulb flowers make an enchanting display, and are often used in wedding bouquets for their size and beauty. These flowers come in a range of colours to suit your garden and home.

Sunflowers - The epitome of happiness in a flower, sunflowers are very easy to grow, and produce instantly recognisable yellow flowers on long, sturdy stems. Sunflowers are perfect for brightening up the home or to give to a friend in a bouquet.

Dahlia - Available in a wide variety of colours, Dahlias are moderately easy to grow and produce late-flowering blooms for wonderful cut flower displays in summer and autumn. Dahlias can grow from a mere 30cm in height, to an engulfing 1.5m! Taller varieties will require staking.

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