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Second Early Seed Potatoes

Second early seed potatoes are planted between March and April and normally harvested in June and July, only a few weeks after first early seed potatoes. These potatoes are also known as 'new potatoes', and have very similar requirements to their first early potato counterparts.

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Second early potatoes are easy to grow and don’t need much attention. They can be grown in beds or large containers making them a good crop to grow if you are limited for space.

What Is A Second Early Potato?

Second earlies come shortly after first early potatoes which are normally ready to harvest in June.

New potatoes are so tender they don’t need to be peeled and are delicious when boiled and dressed with butter and rosemary, but they can also be roasted so that they’re crispy! 

Second early potato are more expensive in shops and taste their best when cooked straight after harvesting, which is why it’s popular for home growers. Plus, it’s always more satisfying to grow your own potatoes rather than buying them from the shops!

In terms of disease, second earlies tend to escape potato blight because they are harvested before the disease can take hold. 

When To Plant Second Early Potatoes

Second early potatoes need to be planted at a depth of 10cm with at least 30cm between each potato. There needs to be at least 60cm to 70cm between each row to give the potato plants enough room to grow and expand.

If planting in March or early April, your potato plants will need plant protection from frosts in the form of a cold frame or garden cloche.

When Are Second Early Potatoes Ready To Harvest

Harvest in the summer months of June or July, or around 14-16 weeks after planting. Remember that first early seed potatoes and second early seed potatoes tend to be lower yielding than other seed potatoes. However, they have fantastic flavour, especially when cooked straight after harvesting, so they’re worth it!

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