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Seed Tapes

Do you find it hard to handle small vegetable seeds and achieve even seed distribution? Is thinning out seedlings a chore? Then seed tapes are the answer!

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Suttons Seed Tapes make growing your vegetables from seed as easy as possible.

Why use seed tapes?

Seed Tapes contain pre-spaced seeds in a biodegradable tape, which will not cause any damage to the plant or the environment. Pre-spacing the seeds means no over-sowing and no thinning out, plus the lightweight tape stops birds eating your freshly sown seeds.

 To sow your seed tape, simply prepare the soil and draw out a groove. Roll out your tape into the groove, cover with soil and water. Each pack includes full sowing and care instructions on the reverse.

 Vegetables available on seed tapes include beetroot, carrots, leeks, radish, rocket, spring onions, parsnips and many more.