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Quality Onion Seeds

It’s enough to make you cry and that's what a good fresh Onion straight out the ground should do. The flavour of a seed grown Onion is just wonderful. The onion is a fundamental vegetable crop for all types of cuisine, and don’t forget the spring onion and Shallot seeds!

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Growing Onions from Seeds 

Onions are not so tricky to grow and raising them from seed, maybe the most difficult decision is which type of Onion to grow? Suttons have a comprehensive collection of onion seed varieties allowing for pretty much all year round growing in their different forms. Try Ishikura’ a bunching bountiful spring onion, for a decent Shallot one choice is the banana Shallot ‘Zebrune’ & for a mildew-resistant seed that is flavoursome try ‘Santero’. 

When To Plant Onion Seeds UK?

Sow onion seeds directly into drills outside in March onwards or you can kick them off in a propagator or glasshouse if you are lucky enough to have one.

How To Grow Onion Plants From Seed?

How To Harvest Onions?

Onions are often bountiful crops and can be planted close together. Let them dry out in the sun for 2-3 weeks and then transfer them to storage. They are remarkably easy to store and will last a good length of time. Keep them in dry cool conditions and if it is possible in crate with straw or sand. A garage would be perfect. 

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