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Broccoli Plants

With a number of seasonal varieties available, you can harvest from broccoli plants almost all year round to add an array of nutritional benefits to your dishes. They’re easy to grow, hardy and high yielding, producing many florets over the space of a few months.

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Broccoli plants – more info

Belonging to the brassica (cabbage family), broccoli plants are easier to grow than their cauliflower counterparts. From the familiar calabrese to the showy purple sprouting broccoli, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to the next addition to your vegetable patch.

With autumn, spring and summer cropping varieties, you can be eating homegrown broccoli for many months.

It’s not just us who love broccoli and hungry pigeons and cabbage white butterflies will feast on your plants. Prevention is better than cure and the easiest way is to cover with a protective net. For more help on growing this tasty crop, see our expert broccoli growing advice and the FAQs below:

Which is the earliest broccoli to crop?

The quickest variety from sowing to harvest is ‘Gemini’, with florets ready in as little as 80 days. For an early spring crop, choose ‘Purple Sprouting’, which stands over the winter to harvest in March-April.

Which varieties should you grow for the longest season?

Our ‘Purple Sprouting Continuity Mix’ will give you crops in both autumn and spring.

Which varieties are the most disease-resistant?

F1 Monclano’ has good resistance to both clubroot and mildew, while ‘F1 Green Magic’ has good resistance to white rust.

Top Broccoli Plant Growing Facts

Where To Grow Broccoli Plants

The day before planting, prepare and water the rows – about 8cm apart. Broccoli plants are heavy feeders and will benefit from a layer of compost before planting. Once you’ve received your broccoli, plant firmly, leaving about 45cm between white and purple sprouting broccoli plants and 15cm between green sprouting broccoli. Planting too closely will result in smaller, although still acceptable and tasty, heads. Then water the plants.

When To Plant Broccoli 

Depending on the variety between March and June.

How To Look After Broccoli Plants

Your broccoli plants will put on rapid leaf growth with the development of the edible broccoli head following in 3-4 months. Feed the plants with a balanced fertiliser each week and do water regularly although reduce watering as the heads begin to mature.

Broccoli plants are hardy but can be susceptible to disease, so seasonal crop rotation is important. To reduce the risk of disease make sure there is good airflow and maximum possible sunlight. Pigeons can be a problem and so you may need to give your broccoli plants protection, but please check any netting very regularly so that no birds become trapped.

When To Harvest Broccoli Plants

The time to harvest is when the spears are well-formed but the flower buds have not yet opened. This is usually from February to April. Regular picking will encourage new spears to form. With calabrese, cut the central head from August to October. Side shoots will be produced, which can be picked regularly and enjoyed in dishes with your cabbage and potatoes.

How To Eat Broccoli

Eat your broccoli as soon as possible after picking; however, it will also freeze well and will stay fresh in a bag in the freezer for up to 3 days. Broccoli can be steamed, boiled, braised or even dipped in batter and fried. 

Broccoli Nutritional Information

Broccoli is very low in calories, just 34 calories per 100g. This might be because it is around 90% water! However, you’ll also find an especially high percentage of vitamin C, as well as vitamin A, B6 and potassium.

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