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Anemone Bulbs

Anemone bulbs are admired for their bold spring flowers, attractive fern like foliage and they're easy to grow! With some providing good cut flowers and others happy to play out their days in a woodland setting, there is an Anemone for all.

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About anemone bulbs, tubers and rhizomes

Anemones were often referred to as 'windflowers' possibly as they grew on exposed sites. The Greek for wind is 'anemos'. They are pretty robust and a reliable garden choice. They are members of the buttercup family and you can see the family resemblance in many of the single flowers.

There are over 200 flowering plants among the anemone genus, three of the most popular types in the UK are coronaria, blanda and nemorosa.

Anemone coronaria are a favourite of florists and will not only look fine in your borders, but also in your vases. Why not create a cutting garden of different bulbs? Daffodils, anemones, tulips and allium bulbs could all be easily grown in succession to provide months of cut flowers.

When to plant anemone bulbs?

Anemones are spring-flowering bulbs by nature, but if you plant them in the autumn and spring you can extend the flowering period of these types. So plant in autumn for traditional spring flowers and in spring for a summer display.

How do you plant anemone bulbs?

Their home is the Mediterranean, they favour a hot, sheltered position in order to perform at their best. The tubers benefit from soaking in water for 24 hours before planting around 2 inches deep.

For a woodland setting and more naturalistic look, try Anemone nemorosa - the wood anemone. This plant loves a slightly dampish soil, similar to that of a woodland floor and will spread to form a delicate bright white spring floral carpet of the most exquisite nature. These are rhizomes as opposed to tubers, but all are still types of bulbs which are essentially underground storage organs.

Do anemone bulbs come back every year?

Yes, anemones are perennial plants and if given the right care will come back every year.