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Flowers To Sow In November

Wondering which flowers to Sow in November? It’s time to make early sowings of geraniums, plus nemesia and coleus. You can also sow cactus and other houseplant seed varieties this month, so why not try growing something a little different? Browse our November flower seeds below.

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November means there’s a chance of frost which could bring an end to your summer displays in some parts of the country. Now is a good time to insulate greenhouses and crop protection should also be considered, with fleece and mesh products proving useful.

Early sowings of geranium seed can be made, remembering to provide a minimum temperature of 15ºC (60ºF) that should be maintained for growing on the plants. Take a look at our propagators and propagation equipment to get the most from your seeds.

Remove cyclamen leaves that are yellowing, along with faded flowers, by pulling them from the corm. However, to prevent leaves from turning yellow in the first place, keep plants in a cool, light place.

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