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Marigold Plants

Marigold plants in oranges and yellows have graced many a municipal border and are a favourite starter plant for youngsters. They are also helpful to grow next to the vegetable plot. Marigolds are beneficial bedding at its brightest.

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The most popular marigolds are French & African. They are one of the easiest annuals to grow and provide months of zinging colour all summer. The French marigolds are dwarf and bushy with large flower heads in yellow, orange or rusty red. 'Orange Winner' is a traditional orange and provides uniformity of colour and size when planted in blocks. For a mixed affair with a sprinkling of different shades, try 'Summer Loving'. All of these reach an approximate height of 20-30cm. 

Larger in height and with bigger blooms are the African marigold bedding plants. Looking more like chrysanthemums, they are a real statement bedding plant. Like the French marigolds, growing marigolds from seed can be easy, sow in early spring or purchased from Suttons as plug plants, ready to plant straight out. 'Space Hopper' is vigorous and bright (rather like its 1980s toy namesake!), but for XL blooms and an African marigold on a giant scale, why not try the yellow 'Mission Giant'. With blossoms bigger than 7cm and growing to a height of around 50-60cm, this is an impressive summer investment. Both French & African marigolds are types of Tagetes (their Latin name).

These sun lovers are not only dazzling to look at, but are also a gardener's friend as they repel aphids away from your tomatoes and other crops, making them botanically beneficial. Some excellent marigold companion plants are fruit and vegetable plots or rose borders.

Another plant referred to as 'Pot Marigold' is Calendula - these sunny flowers are members of the daisy family, as are Tagetes. In fact the daisy family is the largest flowering family in the world! Again, yellows and orange are the colours being celebrated here. You can't do better than Calendula officinalis - this stunning orange single daisy is a magnet for insects and a great little self seeder! The petals of this one also make a colourful addition to salads!

Having been around for over 200 years, Suttons know that you want as many choices as possible and so from individual varieties to magical mixes, our website offers a plethora of possibilities.

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