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Aubergine Seeds

In recent years the Aubergine has become must plant edible in the kitchen and edible garden. A chef’s favourite in many ways and incredibly versatile in the kitchen. Growing an Aubergine plant and picking its bounty straight from the plant is a gardening experience never forgotten.

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Growing Aubergine Seeds

Aubergines (known as an Eggplant in the US) grow from vines similar to tomatoes. Aubergines have a lovely deep purple glossy skin, with a cream colour spongey flesh, with small edible seeds inside.

What makes Aubergine seeds special?

An Aubergine can be seen as a slightly exotic plant to grow however Suttons have an amazing range and a seed for all scenarios. Suttons small compact ‘patio mix’ which is perfect for growing aubergines in containers. Plant centrally in a pot and surround with Salad leaf or even colourful bedding 

Suttons elegant ‘black beauty’ shows these are stunning looking plants which also contribute to a healthy cooking recipe. Just a taste of the variety of seed available through Suttons.

Can you eat aubergine seeds?

Aubergines seeds are healthy and are beneficial to health

When to plant aubergine seeds UK?

Aubergine seeds can be Sown during February and March at a temperature of 16–18°C (60–65°F).

How to grow Aubergine plants from seed?

Aubergines are a lover of the sunshine and will enjoy some organic matter in their planting hole and a few organic slow release fertiliser or pellets will also give them a boost.

A few extra Aubergines growing tips are the key to success;

For Aubergines planting distances, depths & final Plant sizes - check packet information or view are Aubergine growing guide

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