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Alyssum Seeds

Alyssum is a classic bedding plant that has been popular with generations of gardeners. Flowering freely in early summer all the way through until the first frosts, these Alyssum flowers are a reliable bedding plant. Which makes for great edging in a border, or to soften the edges of containers.

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Why Grow Alyssum Flowers From Seeds?

This is a delicate ground-hugging plant, but in the warmer months it will flower away without too much fuss. Plant into the top of walls, hanging basket or window boxes. 

Suttons offer a choice of Alyssum colours from ‘Wandering star’ mix, a combination of white and soft pink. Then there is the classic ’Snow Carpet’ Alyssum, the Alyssum many people will recognise. Alyssum has a small trick up its sleeve, alyssum saxatile seeds, the perennial ‘Golden Queen’ is a good rockery plant whose bright yellow flowers appear in spring year after year. 

Growing Alyssum From Seed 

There are two ways to sow Alyssum seeds, under glass or in a heated propagator in a seed tray in seed tray good organic peat-free seed compost.

Like all summer bedding plants that are heavy flowering, attention to watering is fundamental. An early morning check, particularly on containers is a great routine for irrigation and to keep plants healthy. The perennial Alyssum is a tougher plant that will grow in poorer soils and need less watering. 

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