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Antirrhinum Plants

Antirrhinums take us back to our childhood, affectionately known as snapdragons. Many an hour was spent squeezing the flowers to provide simple entertainment, a memory which gives these plants a special place in our horticultural hearts. A cottage garden favourite not to be missed.

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Antirrhinum Plants, Snapdragons are perfect for a traditional garden, full of old fashioned splendour, sure to be recognised by all. Suttons supply seeds or Antirrhinum plug plants to be planted out in spring and treated as annual bedding, guaranteed to add floriferous fun to your outdoor space.

For the types that really do 'snap' - our 'F1 Crackle & Pop' collection is the one for you. Yellows, reds and pinks add a compact kick of colour wherever placed. A fabulous gift for little fingers to encourage the horticulturalists of the future. Also very attractive to wildlife, bees will love to while away the hours perching on their petals in search of a tasty nectar treat.

Like orchids, antirrhinums have bilateral flowers, which means they have a single line of symmetry - if you were to draw a line down the centre of the flower, each half mirrors the other.

Our 'Antiquity Mix' is less snapdragon in shape but what it lacks in snap, it makes up for in scent! Masses of blooms are displayed in vibrant colours with disease resistant foliage. This is particularly useful when fungal rust plans on paying a visit. It will not be welcome here! Plant near pathways or gates to benefit from their perfumed perfection.

Finally, how about brown and white blooms? Antirrhinum 'Night & Day' offers interesting flowers against dark foliage. It's always advisable to pinch out the first flower spike as this encourages a bushier plant with more flowers. A good colour companion with this plant might be chocolate cosmos with its matching dark brown/rich burgundy chocolate scented blooms.

How to Grow Antirrhinum (Snapdragon) plants?

Do snapdragon flowers come back every year?

Usually grown as a half-hardy annual Antirrhinum plants are really a perennial and will withstand short periods of frost. It’s usually for them to return every year though.