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Grape Vine Plants

Order grape vine plants and train these gorgeous climbers to grow up sunny walls, fences or pergolas. Sweet dessert grapes can be grown in a greenhouse to guarantee the maximum yield, but they’re just as happy in a sheltered, south-facing outdoor spot that gets plenty of sun. Did you know wine can be made from more than just grapes? Plant fruit trees like apples, pears and cherries for an exciting variety of flavours.

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Grape vine plants – more info

Grapes are not limited to Mediterranean countries and there are many varieties that suit the British climate giving you a taste of sunshine.

Not sure where to start? Have a look at our expert grape growing advice or see our frequently asked questions below.

Can you grow a grape vine in a pot?

Grapes can be grown in containers but it’s best to choose a small variety. Our ‘Pixie™’ varieties are ideal as they are a compact variety. Try ‘Pixie™ Pinot Noir’, ‘Pixie™ Cabernet Franc’, ‘Pixie™ Riesling’, or our collection, which will give you the whole range.

Which grape vines have the best flavour?

One of the best for eating straight from the vine is ‘Chasselas Doré’, which has very sweet yellow-green fruits.

Which grape varieties are best for making juice and wine?

For a juice or wine with a hint of strawberry, try ‘Fragola’. ‘Bacchus’ is one of the best outdoor wine varieties for growing in the UK. Among the red varieties, ‘Cabernet’ is excellent for wine and makes a lovely juice when sweetened.