Tulip Bulbs

Tulips are bright botanical beacons of spring, a precursor to a floriferous summer ahead. Originating in Asia, but forever associated with The Netherlands, they have a history as rich as the spectrum of colours they produce.

Dwarf Tulips

Tulips are the most colourful of spring bulbs offering a kaleidoscope of smooth perfect petals to liven up any outdoor s...
Tulips are the most colourful of spring bulbs offe...
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Giant Darwin Hybrid Tulips

Tulips are highly prized and during the 17th century, the Dutch would exchange bulbs for the same price as property. Whi...
Tulips are highly prized and during the 17th centu...
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Mixed Colour Tulip Bulbs

Tulips add vibrancy to spring like no other bulb. Available in a rainbow of colours from pink to orange and even black, ...
Tulips add vibrancy to spring like no other bulb. ...
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In the 1500s the tulip was prized as a symbol of wealth in Turkey. Sultans often wore the flowers in their turbans and it’s believed Europeans coined the name 'tulip' after the Persian word for turban. In 1636, The Dutch traded bulbs for the same price as houses, a period known as 'tulip mania' and forward wind to 1835 where a London gardener possessed a single bulb worth 200 guineas! Thankfully prices are now within easy reach, and Suttons have a fantastic selection of tulip bulbs for sale.

There are 15 different divisions of tulips displaying different characteristics and worthy of a spot in your garden. The Giant Darwin Hybrid tulips are some of the most impressive - huge blooms, as tall and glossy as a supermodel in her finest makeup.

These look like you expect a tulip to look! At the other end of the spectrum is Tulipa slyvestris, a delicate wild species described as early as 1576. Its small yellow blossoms are ideal in meadows and unlike most tulips, happy in some shade. There are a wide variety of dwarf tulips available from Suttons, ideal for small spaces or exposed sites where wind damage may affect taller plants.

For an outdoor space sensation, the fringed tulips offer something different with their frilly edged petals dressed to impress. 'Hamilton' in yellow shines as brightly as its West End show namesake `whilst 'Cuban Night' is passionately deep purple - a sophisticated colour choice for garden design. Another showstopper with hourglass figures to covet, are the lily tulips - elegant and perfect for pots or borders- 'Peter De Leur' is a fine figure cloaked in velvet red.

A group which look more like peonies are the double tulips – beautifully blousy, they fill a pot with ease. 'Belle Epoque' is stunning in apricot and looks well with dark purple varieties.

Tulips require well-drained soil and should be planted ideally in November, later than their daffodil cousins. This late planting deters tulip fire disease which prefers earlier warm damp conditions.

Whichever you favour, be sure to make time for a tulip or two

Where To Grow Tulip Bulbs?

How To Grow Tulip Bulbs?

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