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Pansy Plants

Pansies are most frequently seen as winter bedding, although you can also flower plants in the summer. Their brightly coloured faces are a welcome sight in the darker months and long periods of flowering make them a perfect pick.

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Pansies are a type of Viola, although we normally refer to violas as the small version of pansies with lots of tiny blossoms. They are both violas! 

One of the most popular plants for children to grow pansy flowers are available in a multitude of shades from purple to bright yellow, you are almost guaranteed to find your favourite colour.

Cicely Mary Barker immortalised the pansy in her famous Flower Fairies illustrations, first created almost 100 years ago. In the accompanying poem to her drawing, she declared it "quite the best for P" and many would agree!

Reliable, free-flowering and happy in clay soils, there is a plethora of choice available from Suttons.

The rich smooth petals in particular of the dark single colours in purple or deep red, display quality of velvet - they would not be out of place covering a seat or draped in front of a window as a floral curtain.

Keep your plants in well-drained moist soil in full sun or partial shade and they will reward you will splashes of colour for many months.

The most popular types are those displaying markings in the centre of the flowers which look like faces. Try our F1 Select Mix for a good selection of these mixed in with some single colour stunners for winter joy. 'Adonis' meanwhile provides jolly faces of dark blue and white on a light blue background all summer long.

The sunset shades of 'Beacon Caramel' will warm up your pots and baskets over the darker months or for a patriotic red, white and blue, head for our 'Britannia Mix'. A gorgeous winter pansy plant.

Frilly petalled varieties are stunning and 'Fizzy Lemonberry' is one of the best with its purple and bright yellow petals with picoted edges. 

There's a pansy for every palette.

When to Plant Pansies

For winter flowering pansies, plant the pansy plug plants out from mid-September to early October. For spring bedding plant late April to mid-May weather conditions permitting!

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