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Gooseberry Plants

Gooseberry plants can give you a bumper crop of sweet-tasting gooseberries from your own garden, and it couldn’t be simpler. Simply grow them in the ground or plant them in containers alongside other ornamental patio fruit trees. Available as bare roots or potted plants, these versatile soft fruits come in a variety of colours like the red, green and gold Giggles collection. For a virtually thornless variety try the Lady Sun.

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Why grow gooseberries?

For a prolific fruiting perennial, there’s little to beat a gooseberry plant. With a little care, you can expect to be harvesting for up to 15 years with dessert and cooking varieties available. They can be grown as bushes, cordons, fans against a wall or fence, or as standards. Gooseberries can also be grown in a container.

What should I feed a gooseberry plant?

Feed gooseberry plants with a high potash feed in spring and mulch with organic matter, taking care to leave a gap around the stem to avoid rotting.

Can I plant gooseberries next to raspberries?

You can plant gooseberries next to raspberries but avoid shading the bushes by taller raspberry plants. Raspberries also send out runners and removing them may damage gooseberry roots. Bear in mind you need to be able to harvest the raspberries while avoiding gooseberry thorns.

Do gooseberry plants need support?

Gooseberry bushes do not need support but those trained as cordons, fans or standards do require plant supports.