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Sunflower Seeds

Plant sunflower seeds in your garden for a stunning splash of colour. An excellent choice for growing with children, little ones love to watch as the seed they planted germinates and grows to up to two metres tall. Choose from traditional yellows and oranges through to the deepest of ruby reds, and from single headed giant sunflowers or multi-headed varieties. Great for pollinators and with lots of autumn seeds for wild birds, when choosing your flower seeds, make sure to include sunflowers in your sowing schedule.

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Sunflowers – A Quick Guide

Big, bright, and beautiful, sunflowers are a traditional garden favourite and a hit with children everywhere. Choose from a wide range of varieties in lots of bold yellows, pinks, and oranges. As a great source of cut-and-come-again flowers for the home, multi-headed varieties are a great option, while giant types are not only striking to look at but their seeds provide a great food source for garden birds. Here’s how to grow and care for your favourite sunflowers. 

When To Plant Sunflower Seeds

Start seeds off indoors in March, but wait until it’s a little warmer – April or May – and your plants are around 30cm tall. If you’re sowing direct into the ground, then plant between late April and late May - when all risk of frost is passed.

How To Grow Sunflower Seeds

For early blooms, sow your sunflower seeds under glass or on the window ledge during March and April. As their name suggests, sunflowers love the sun’s rays, so choose an appropriate spot, and sow thickly into fertile soil containing lots of organic matter. Once the seedlings are up, thin them to the correct spacing described on the sowing instructions.

How To Care For Sunflowers