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Green Manure Seeds

Successful gardening all begins with healthy soil. Green manure helps to suppress weeds, improve the structure and fix nitrogen into the soil giving your vegetable seeds an important boost when they need it most.

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What is Green Manure used for?

After a busy growing season and spent plants are cleared, we are left with bare soil. There are a number of problems which can then develop. Soil erosion can occur, leaching, the washing away of nutrients due to rains takes place. The more pernicious weeds will colonise and fill the void. 

The sowing of green manure will negate all these issues as well as providing cover for soil particles and soil structure, controlling movement of air and water through soil and suppressing weeds. Once the spring comes, Green Manures are dug into the soil adding more structure and nutrients. Green manure both protects and enhances soil health.

How to grow Green Manure from seed?

Once a crop has served its purpose and is cleared from the soil, it’s time to prepare for a Green Manure sowing.

When to sow green manure seeds?

Green manures have the added benefit of being great for wildlife and pollinators. They have great environmental benefits too, and they remove the need for artificial fertilisers

For organic gardeners green manure is a must. Retaining moisture, stopping erosion and nutrient loss. Reduces the need to dig.

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