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Salad Seeds

Salad crops are the key to having fresh salad on tap, either from the balcony or garden. Sow and grow and sow again. Alongside Lettuce, salad crops are the foundation of the salad, making the perfect bed for tomatoes and other salad crops. Fresh on the plate salad leaves are unbeatable.

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Why Grow Salad Vegetable Seeds?

Don’t think that all salad leaves are the same, there is so much variety. Suttons has an amazing range from ‘Andean Superfood mix’ to ‘speedy winter mix’ and great for a stir fry is the International ‘oriental wonder mix’. 

Keeping it international how about ‘French mix’. Easy to grow in limited space, containers, raised beds or open ground. Why not try our salad seeds collection, containing tomato seeds, beetroot seeds, lettuce seeds, cucumber seeds, rocket seeds & salad onion seeds. There’s nothing quite like fresh, straight from the garden salad leaves, if cleverly sown you should be able to get a continuous supply pretty much all year round. 

How Do You Grow Salad From A Seed?

For some fun why not grow salad leaves as edible bedding, mixing them with other edibles and lettuce varieties into a pattern. Once they grow begin grazing salad leaves, cutting the older leaves and letting the younger ones come again. Continual sowing is the art to salad leaf supply and freeing you from the expensive and slightly tasteless vacuum-packed salad leaves.

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