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Salvia Seeds (Sage Plants)

Salvia or Sage plants are incredibly popular in the gardening world. Many will be familiar with the perennial herbs that are so common in the British garden but there is a vast array of Salvias, many grown for their wide range of summer colours. 

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Why Grow Salvia Seeds?

Salvias are always buzzing with the sound of bees, seasonally grown common Sage has a fantastic range of colours. Treated as half-hardy annuals, dotted through borders or in patio pots these plants are easy to grow from seed to garden. 

Sutton’s salvia seed packets are packed with seeds and have many sage varieties, try ‘Victoria’ with its amazing purple spikes, it makes a great bedding plant. Hardy annuals like ‘Bouquet mix’ with its pastel colours is a great border plant. For a real show-stopper use ‘Blaze of fire’ in containers or sweeping through borders.

Growing Salvias From Seed UK

Salvia seeds can be grown under glass or sown direct into soil. This will be dictated by the information on the packet pointing to whether they are half-hardy annual (HHA) or hardy annuals (HA). The former should be started in a propagator, the latter can be sown straight into the ground.

Bees and butterflies will love these plants and once Salvias are covered in flower you can hear the sound of buzzing coming from the plants as the Bees get busy. Salvias can be used as a carpet bedding plant, used in large drifts, dotted taller bedding plants such as Sweet peas on canes or Obelisks

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