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Pre-Planted Bulbs

Buy pre-planted bulbs for an easy way to achieve full beds, borders or containers. Simply pick your favourite bulbs combination, dig a hole in the compost or soil, place your bulb tray in the hole, cover with soil and water. Enjoy your designer flower displays.

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Pre-planted flower bulbs

Whether you’re a beginner gardener nervous about growing plants from bulbs, or you forgot to buy your bulbs the previous season and need to fill your beds and borders fast, pre-planted bulbs allow you to plant flowers that flood your garden with colour in a nick of time.

Pre-planted bulb gifts

Pre-planted bulbs make an ideal birthday or Christmas gift for novice gardeners or flower lovers with little gardening time. Imagine their delight at a thoughtful and exciting present that allows them to create a beautiful flowering display with very little effort.

How to use pre-planted plant-o-tray bulbs

Using these pre-planted bulbs couldn’t be simpler!

  1. Dig a hole in the soil of your flower bed or container in which you can fit your pre-planted bulb tray.
  2. Remove the top of the packaging and place your bulbs and biodegradable tray in the hole with bulbs facing up.
  3. Cover over your pre-planted bulbs with soil or compost, then water!

Popular pre-planted bulb combinations

Tulip and crocus - Create a striking colour contrast with bold tulips and attractive crocus bulbs. Place them in a decorative pot to become a head-turning spectacle for visitors and passers-by, or grow them in beds and borders to line your garden with colour.

Allium mix - Robust and eye-catching, allium bulbs create vertical interest in pots, beds and borders, standing tall above other flower bulbs. However, alliums aren’t just limited to those familiar pom-pom blooms on long stems, the family also includes some shorter varieties, creating a well-thought-out display when bought in a pre-planted bulb mix.

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