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French Bean Seeds

French bean seeds produce a versatile crop that can be eaten as a salad or traditional vegetable. You can grow climbing varieties or dwarf beans that are ideal for filling gaps in beds between other crops. And they’re not just green with purple and yellow beans available too. Learn more about these fabulous beans in our bean growing guide.

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French bean seeds – more info

Easy to grow and tasty to eat, French bean seeds can be harvested as pods or grown on to produce beans that can be dried and stored.

Growing from seed is a cost-effective way of growing but if you’re short of time or just want a few pods, take a look at our bean plants.

We have lots of advice on how to harvest a bumper crop of beans and more tips in our frequently asked questions below.

How to sow French bean seeds

Sow French bean seeds under cover from April. Sow into root trainers or modules using seed or multi-purpose compost. Harden plants off before planting outside after the risk of frost has passed. Alternatively, sow directly into the ground after the last frost – at the base of a wigwam or other support for climbing varieties.

How to grow French bean seeds

Choose a sunny spot and prepare the ground by adding organic matter. Climbing varieties will need a plant support such as a wigwam of canes. Dwarf varieties can be supported by twigs to keep the pods away from soil. Plant containers for dwarf beans should be at least 45cm wide.

Water plants regularly during the season. Adding a mulch can help water retention. Keep picking to prolong the cropping period.