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Bare Root Trees

Bare root trees are an affordable way to add structure and height to your garden. Whether you want trees to use as hedging, a specimen for your lawn or something to produce beautiful blossoms, our bare root tree range has something to suit.

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Bare root tree buying and planting

Buying bare root trees is the traditional method of planting. Trees establish more easily and it’s a cheaper way of putting in something like a hedge. Give them a boost by applying some mycorrhizal fungi when planting and don’t forget a stake for specimen trees.

See our bare-rooted fruit and nut tree guide or the frequently asked questions below for some growing tips.

How to plant bare root trees

It’s best to plant as soon as possible after delivery. Prepare the ground with good organic matter. Dig a planting hole that’s big enough to take the roots and ensure the tree is planted so that the old soil mark on the trunk is at ground level or slightly below. Ensure that any grafting point is 15cm above the soil. Refill and firm in gently. Water thoroughly and stake large specimens.

How long can bare root trees be stored?

Bare root trees can be stored in a cool, frost-free place for a few days. If you need to wait for longer, ‘heel’ the tree into a spare piece of ground until you can plant properly.

When to plant bare root fruit trees

Bare root fruit trees are planted when they are dormant between November and March.

Are bare root trees better than potted?

Bare root trees usually establish more easily than potted because they are planted when dormant. They are cheaper than container-grown but the planting season is shorter.