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Veg Seeds to Sow In August

Browse our wide range of vegetable seeds to sow in August and get your favourite vegetables started before summer ends! Plant fast-growing Chinese cabbage and peppery rocket or sow radishes ready for harvesting in autumn. It's the hottest month of the year so read our blog to find out how to keep your garden healthy in August.

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Don’t forget to cover cabbages and chard with a cloche to protect them, and you’ll be rewarded with homegrown veg in time for winter.

As many varieties of peas and beans come to fruition, replace them with more productive plants – how about some onion sets or garlic?

Pinch out the tips of any climbing shoots of runner beans if they reach the top of their supports. The side-shoots on tomatoes should be pinched out regularly and leading shoots tied to the supports. The tips of cucumber side shoots should be pinched out just two leaves beyond any developing fruit.

If you have an empty space in your garden and you’re not going to sow anything more this year, sow green manure seeds to protect the nutrients in the soil during winter.

Head to our blog for more August gardening advice.