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Turnip & Swede Seeds

Grow turnip & swede seeds to get tasty, nutritious winter veg - old British favourites that will always be associated with a hot hearty meal. Perfect for those cold winter nights. For something a little bit different try mashed Swede with butter and Parsley. Turnip roots are perfect for a good winter stew or roasted.

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Why Grow Swede and Turnip From Seed?

Turnips are quick germinating and a reasonably fast crop from seed to plate. The green tops can be eaten after a month, and the turnip roots after a tad longer, the turnips will be ready to harvest after a couple more months. 

A great crop for making sure you are still filing your allotment or raised borders as the winter months set in. Suttons offer several good swede seed varieties. Swede ‘Ruby’ is great for beginners who would love some homegrown Swede.

Growing Turnips From Seed

Turnips like a cool sunny spot to grow in, if the area they are growing gets too hot they are likely to bolt.

Growing Swede From Seed

Turnips are excellent end of season crop, another one that can be included in the ‘Grow a Christmas dinner’ list. As beds empty toward the end of the summer, Turnips can be repeat sown on the new available ground. Turnips are so delicious they can be peeled and eaten like an Apple. For maximum use of space grow Turnips along-side Swedes.

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