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Cannas & Grasses

A simple way to add a tropical vibe to your outside space, this collection makes it easier than ever to bring your garden to life. Whether you want to enjoy the gentle rustle of the breeze in the grass this summer, or you’re ready to embrace the yellows and golds of our summer cannas, now’s the time to take your pick.

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Cannas Plants

Also know as Cannova plants, have bold leaves in various greens and tropical canna have stunning leaves striped in green, purple, orange and pink! And vibrant showy flowers available in glorious reds, oranges, yellows and pinks giving your garden a wonderful tropical vibe.

Our range of potted canna plants come such glorious colours it’s going to be hard to choose which to buy.

How to plant  in pots

If keeping your canna in containers, fill your container with a peat-free compost and add a slow-release fertiliser. Plant about 10cm deep.

Cannas need enough space to grow, so repot your canna if it starts to outgrow its pot.

Cannova Plant Care

Place your Canna plant like a sunny to semi-shaded sheltered spot. Cannas have lovely large leaves and if they are subjected to wind, their leaves can become damaged and turn black.

When your Cannova flowers start to fade or go a bit pale, just gently remove them. This will make your plant look more attractive and stimulates the start of new buds and flowering.

Cannas plants prefer moist soil, so don’t let the container dry out and make sure you water regularly.

Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses are wonderful for softening hard edges and landscaping, as they are architectural in their own right. They can be used as a lovely contrast to other plants, and they come in a wide range of colours and textures making a very versatile plant for any outdoor space.

Suttons also offer ornamental grasses for containers, giving your patio or balcony a wonderful texture and sound of the breeze rustling through them.

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