Trees not only create structure and landscaping but can also provide an abundance of colour, contrast and delicious produce. Suttons offer a great range of trees, from ornamental to fruit to evergreen trees. So whatever size your garden or outdoor space you will find the perfect tree to suit.

Acer Trees

Acers are deciduous trees that put on a show-stopping display with their beautiful foliage, graceful habit and autumn co...
Acers are deciduous trees that put on a show-stopp...
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Trees are important to the landscape of your garden and they’re some of the easiest options to add to your outside space...
Trees are important to the landscape of your garde...
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If you don’t have a large garden you could grow a show-stopping Acer, with stunning leaves which gradually change colour from spring to Autumn creating quite a show. Acers are perfect for pots and containers.

We offer a wide range of fruit trees, some are perfect for containers so you can enjoy growing your own fruit on a patio or balcony. What could be tastier than picking home grow fruit and eating or cooking with it fresh from the tree? You can choose from Apple Trees, Apricot & Peach Trees, Cherry Trees and more. What could be prettier than an ornamental Cherry Tree gracing your garden!

Why not grow your very own lemon or lime tree, what could be a better garnish to your gin and tonic on a summers evening than a slice of homegrown lemon or lime? 

Make a statement with an ornamental tree, add a touch of class to the entrance of your home by framing your front door with Bay trees or Twisted Olive trees in a fabulous container. Or a fashionable, but timeless contemporary topiary box plant and be the envy of your neighbours.

Whatever your taste or size of garden Suttons has a tree to suit your needs.

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