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Patio Fruit Trees

Buy patio fruit trees for your own mini orchard and potted fruit plants for fuss-free fresh produce. You don't need a lot of space to grow your own dwarf fruit trees – try a dwarf lemon tree or a patio plum tree for citrus or stone fruit. Prefer soft fruits? Try growing strawberry plants in pots or rhubarb crowns in large containers. If you have a bit more room to grow, browse our range of full-sized fruit trees and sumptuous soft fruit plants.

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What is a patio fruit tree?

Our patio fruit trees are specially selected varieties which we graft onto an innovative rootstock. This helps reduce the vigour of the plant and control growth without sacrificing fruit production. Depending on the size of the plant’s final container, your tree will probably reach an eventual height of 1.5m to 2m.

In contrast to the way most fruit trees grow, our patio varieties are self-fertile, meaning there’s no need to plant a compatible fruit tree nearby to be sure of getting fruit. Even if you only have enough space for a single tree, you can still look forward to a tasty harvest. For more helpful information read our fruit tree growing guide.

How do I look after my patio fruit tree?

Your tree relies on the contents of its container to thrive, so it’s vital to feed the soil and keep a close eye on the moisture level in the pot. Water generously, but do not waterlog the roots or they may rot. Never let the soil completely dry out, because a stressed tree will drop its fruit before it has time to ripen. To keep your tree healthy, you should repot it annually until it reaches its maximum desired height. To maintain a healthy growing medium replace around a third of the compost every couple of years.

Dwarf fruit trees are attractive and easy to move around, making them a great option for patios, deckings, conservatories and other confined areas. Find out more about arboriculture courtesy of our expert guide to growing fruit trees. Or if you'd like to diversify your container cultivation, read our guide on how to grow fruit and veg in containers.