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Sweet Pea Plug Plants

Sweet peas offer scent like no other. Sweet Pea Plants and Plugs will create prettiest of shades clamber over supports. These annual beauties will create a paradise of perfume all summer long. A beloved cottage garden classic, no plot is complete without a sweet pea parade.

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Lathyrus odoratus, the Latin name, gives you a clue of the nasal nourishment headed our way when selecting these plants. We have a 17th century monk to thank for their introduction to Britain and the sweet pea bearing his name 'Cupani' is still by many considered top of the list. The bi-coloured lavender and wine blossoms are beautiful and fragrant.

As breeders took the sweet peas in hand, bloom size increased with first Grandifloras and then the Spencer, which were the first frilled examples and bred by the gardener to the Earl of Spencer, family of Diana, 

Princess of Wales. These blossoms were straight out of the horticultural hairdressers with their wondrous new waves!

The key to their success is rich soil. They also favour a sunny spot and plenty of water. 

A traditional bloom around 100 years old, is 'Prince of Orange' - a cosmic clash of orange and pink. For the height of modernity on the other hand, a recent introduction 'Night Sky' offers marbled purple and white blossoms which are totally stunning. 

Rather than just rustling together some old canes for support, Suttons has a wide range of structures ideal for your peas to take charge of. Try the Garden Maypole or Parasol Plant Support.

Most people sow seed in spring, however autumn sowing is believed to give you stronger plants. You need to keep plants protected over winter and it is a longer process, but worth trying if you have the time!

If you don't have room for the usual tall specimens, there are plenty of sweet pea dwarf plant varieties on offer at Suttons. Even basket varieties such as our 'Sweetie Mix' for hanging baskets brimming with scent.

For unforgettable fragrance - you can't beat 'High Scent' - one of the most scented sweet peas available! Their cream flowers with a mauve edging look simply stunning.

Of course if you want your sweet peas to return every year, there is a perennial option with our 'Everlasting Mix'. Purples and whites, not scented but an attractive reliable return on your horticultural investment.

The choice is yours!

Where to grow Sweet Pea Plants?

When to plant out sweet peas

Once your sweet peas are growing well and the highest risk of frost has passed, you can put them outside to familiarize them to outdoor conditions for a week before planting them in their last position from late May.

How to grow Sweet Pea plants?

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