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Impatiens Plants

Impatiens, or Busy Lizzies as they are commonly known, are one of our most well-loved bedding plants. Providing outstanding colour and performing well in shade, Busy Lizzie flowers are versatile, vivid and swiftly create mounds of the most momentous displays throughout the summer.

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If you want a bedding plant which swiftly fills your pots and borders then an introduction to Impatiens is a must. Aside from their intense flowering from June until first frosts, it is their ability to perform so well in shady areas which sets them apart from other bedding options. A classic mix of colours can be found in our F1 Improved Select Mix - pop impatiens plug plants straight into their pots or the border and off they go!

It has to be said that busy lizzies suffered a slowdown in popularity a few years back due to the prevalence of a downy mildew fungus which was effecting many plants. However, thanks to the introduction of new disease-resistant varieties and also with good plant husbandry - Impatiens are fully back on the horticultural map.

A garden at the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show in 2018 was filled with busy lizzies in orange and red and was a real talking point, offering Impatiens inspiration to all.

Our New Guinea Busy Lizzie Florific strain offers 100% resistance to downy mildew and displays larger flowers than your average busy lizzies. Again an impressive mix of colours for multi-coloured mildew-free magic. A single colour scheme often provides a more sleek garden design and Suttons have a perfect selection of Sunpatiens plants - a unique range of Impatiens bred to be larger than other types and also offer mildew resistance.

Available in 'Electric Orange', 'Blush Pink' or 'White'. Using white in shadier areas of course will brighten up a darker patch and is also one the last colours you will see at night as it glows in fading light. Orange looks particularly good planted around cannas or mixed into a 'hot border' of bright colours with a selection of other tender exotic plants.

Impatiens are always guaranteed to impress.

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