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Lupin Seeds

Lupin is a dyed in the wool cottage garden plant and it’s hard not to think of Lupins when considering the quintessential British garden plant. Rising through lower growing plants the spires of the Lupin are so majestic and nothing short of spectacular. 

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Why Grow Lupins?

Lupins are a big favourite among plant breeders and are a real show plant that often has pride of place at the Chelsea flower show. Lupins are easy to grow from seed and Suttons have a wide range of Lupin seeds to choose from to grow. Check out the multi-coloured ‘Russel mixed’ or the bicoloured ‘Pink Fairy’.

Growing Lupins From Seed

Lupins are biennial and need to be sown between spring and mid-summer for the following year. 

Germinating Lupine Seeds

Lupine germination usually takes 15 to 20 days. As the seedlings develop, thin them in stages to achieve the final spacing of 30cm apart. (You must ensure that all weeds are removed when thinning the seedlings; especially during the early stages.) 

Lupins are great in a mixed planting space with veg and herbs to create a natural balance. Think about plant combinations that you’d like to see with your Lupins, planning will pay off when getting them to work with other plants.

Remember Lupins will grow in partial shade, so this gives options. Grow in large drifts for maximum impact. This plant is also great for attracts bees and butterflies.

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